Chudke Episode 1 – Nepali Comedy Video

Directed by Aindra Limbu and Samir Subedi, produced by NpLight TV, starred by Aindra Limbu, Paru Rai and Rukum Acharya, a short comedy videoChudke  1, portrays a funny story of an unemployed young boy.

Aindra, a jobless boy is desperately in need of a young lady so that he can make her his girlfriend and later his bride. But nowhere he can get a girl turning her head and looking him through her shoulder. Luckily, he finds a girl walking along a lonely path to meet her boyfriend. He follows her and directly proposes her to be his girlfriend, who, in return, answers him with a bitter slap on his left cheek. He supposes the reason behind for not getting a single girlfriend, is his unemployment. Hence, he visits a place where vacancy for a post has been advertised. He is asked to fill in the detail of the job application. The way he submits his detail makes us laugh till the tears roll down through our eyes.

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