Anju Panta Crying in Stage.

Anju Panta, a renowned Nepali female playback singer mesmerizes spectators and audience through her melodious song and stunning performance. She was born in 1997 in Terthum, eastern hilly and remote part of Nepal to mother Manamaya and father Bishnu. She has been awarded with different awards for her melodious song and at different competitions as well, and the examples can be viewed from the awards as Radio Nepal best singer award for modern song, 13th Close Up FM Music award and the like. Her “Nabirse Timilai, Na Paye Timilai” remains the biggest hit song till to date. Her contribution for Nepal Music Industry through her popular songs like Ma Timi Bina Marihaalchhu, Bhun Bhun Bolyo Bhamara, Dil Yo Mero Dil, Sustari Sustari Mannma and the like is really remarkable.

Such a great singer is found crying in the program presented in this video. She believes that the Almighty God blesses for her good health and successful life.

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