Student Episode 54 – Nepali TV Serial

Gynandra Koirala’s direction, Krishna Anmol’s story, Jayanarayan Timsina’s production and tv Nepali’s presentation, a Nepali TV Serial “Student”- episode 54 presents the continuation of episode 53 with the struggle of Bikram,a police inspector to arrest the murderer- Eas and Sabina, wife of Eas to protect her husband.

Tanka Bahadur ushers Bikram up to Eas and make him arrest him. In the midway, he escapes from the clutch of Bikram and retreats under the shadow of his wife Sabina, who successfully saves him from the police inspector’s bullet. Being helpless, Bikram resigns his inspector post only because he remains irresponsible to fulfil his duty. Mukul, an antagonist warns Eas that he always remains with Eas as his shadow only to force him to bear trouble, problems and hardships throughout his life. To arrest Eas, a new inspector is appointed. Tanka Bahadur is heading forward to complete his education and build up his career.