Kehi Niu Gari – New Nepali Song by Tanka Budathoki

Dinesh Mangmu’s direction, Tanka Budhathoki‘s Music arrangement and vocal, Sanjay Lama’s choreography, ArjunTiwari with his unit’s  Camera, Indra Suhang’s production, tv Nepali’s presentation and Nita Dhungana, Chandra Magar with their unit’s modeling,  a song entitled “Kehi Niu Gari Bhetna Aauna Yeta” justifies the lyrics with its beautiful music and vocal arrangements, setting and mesmerizing dance- performance. Lyrics encompasses the young generation’s feelings about their love relationship between the opposite sex. They expect to be together for each and every minute, without being aloof, even for the blink of time. Their happiness crosses the boundary when they can submerge themselves in one another arms only to be the whole, and the moment they gather in one another embrace, they step on the sublime world, where there no boundary of time, ego and the like. Hence, the boy tries to persuade the girl to come to meet him to obtain the world of sublimity.