Time Pass 38 – Nepali Comedy Video

Directed by Matrika Poudel and Sisir Budhathoki, Produced by tv Nepali, starred by Matrika Poudel and Unika Rai, a short comedy video – Time Pass 38, displays a funny conversation with mesmerizing acts of the characters.

Matrtika is presented reading a book. By that time Unisha arrives scolding Matrika, though she is unknown to him. The reason of her being angry is that he kept the illicit physical relationship with her sister and hence she gave birth to a child. Unika threatens to complain to the police for his stupid deed. Matrika, on the other hand, convince her that he will provide a huge amount to her sister as the compensation of his deed.  Hearing the huge amount, Unisha remains silent, and proposes to repeat the same kind of work not with her sister, but with her now.

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