New Nepali Song Saila by Saru Gautam

Matrika Poudel‘s direction, Gynandra Koirala‘s lyric, Tanka Budhathoki‘s Music arrangement, Saru Gautam‘s Voice, a song entitled “Saila Mero Saila” sounds the sorrow of a female whose lifelong partner is somewhere out of her reach and hence being a sullen soul, she attempts to summon her a long time parted life partner.

It is the predicament of the citizens of the underdeveloped or developing countries that they generally do not have a job opportunity in their respective countries and hence are bound to go to foreign country to earn their living being separated from their dearest ones. Their dearest ones, on the other hand, feel their separation as if they are the fish that is recently taken out of the pond and is on the verge of death. Such feeling has been tried to embed in this video. On the top of that the melodic voice, charming lyrics and proper music-arrangement help to soothe our ears.
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