Thukka Episode 19- Nepali Comedy video.

Directed by matrika poudel , produced by NpLight TV, starred by Ishwor Dulal,matrika Poudel and bina limbu, a short comedy videoThukka 19, displays a romantic and sensual love affair between two young lovers.
Ishwor falls in love with a female, who is in the habit to allure the males to satisfy her physical hunger. One day, Ishwor is summoned by his girlfriend when she is all alone at her house. He, being a subservient boyfriend, visits her home. There they share their inner feeling and emotion reciting poetry. If two lovers meet at a lonely and tranquil place, obviously numb thought also becomes active and both tend to lose themselves to eternity, however, for the blink of time, and hence the same happens to both lovebirds. Both of them take the advantage quenching their physical thirst. At the last hour, the spectators know the nature of the girl who has the habit to quench her thirst inviting different such young, handsome and energetic boys when she is lonely at her home.
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