Battho Manchhe 73 – Nepali Comedy Video

tv Nepali presents short comedy video, Battho Manchhe – 73 Starred by Prajita Dangal, Harendra Khatri and Matrika Poudel, to create mirth through funny story encompassing the subject matters of a foolish doctor  and a patient.

With the motive of generating laughter for us comedy gets generated. Abnormal deeds,acts, gestures and the like of the characters go beyond the deeds and acts of a normal person, and hence help to entertain us.Moreover, Funny conversation between or among the characters with the unexpected conclusion carries us into the world of laughter far away from the world of torture, agony,suffering,pain and the like even for the blink of time. This video also tries to meet the goal of comedy. Here, Harendra, a doctor forgets his glove in the stomach of the patient, Prajita after the operation and follows up to her house to correct his blunder. But Prajita asks her husband to pay Rs. 20 as the price of the gloves to the stingy doctor.

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