Innovative Step: Our Salute to You, Dear Nabin Dahal and Mahesh Bhattarai

Tv Nepali presents a new video on innovation of the Drone by  Nabin Dahal and Mahesh Bhattarai.

Scientific discoveries have made the world as a small village, which can be visited, communicated and the like  within no time. Words will be insufficient to say more about the importance of science when we see its marvelous contributions in the field of physics, chemistry, biology and the like. Despite its miraculous deeds, poor countries like Nepal can’t have collected strength in the field of discoveries, and hence have to depend upon the developed countries for almost everything besides some basic things. We have been adopting the technology, what our forefathers had developed since from time immemorial, only because our younger generations have not been encouraged in innovative fields. If such generations are encouraged, Nepal’s appearance also could be changed.

The video presented on this channel explicitly clarifies Nepal can move ahead in the scientific field, if the youths like Nabin Dahal, Mahesh Bhattrai  and the like are encouraged for their innovative work. Nabin Dahal and Mahesh Bhattarai, an inhabitant of Urlabari municipality-1, Morang distirct, Nepal have successfully experimented their Drone despite their financial difficulties with the pious motive to facilitate the avoided group of people, most primarily patients, living in distant hill regions. It is because this drone itself is for medical application.

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