Battho Manchhe 242 – Nepali Comedy Video

tv Nepali brings short comedy video, Battho Manchhe – 242, to create  laughter through funny story and amusing performance of the characters: Ishwor Dulal Manisha Mishra and Rojina Mishra on Harendra Khatri’s direction.

Rojina, a student asks the meaning of an English word “Nature”  to a teacher named Mansha deviating its pronunciation. The teacher doesn’t have the answer for the mispronounced word, and hence needs time to search the meaning of the word. But the student insists to give the answer at the very moment. The teacher remains in dilemma and asks the spelling of the word. Then, the student spells it “n-a-t-u-r-e”, which makes easier for the teacher to give the meaning of the word. Meanwhile, Ishwor arrives late there with pre-planned answer for his late arrival for the tuition class. Such silly questions and activities of the students make  this comedy video more interesting.

Hence, we present more such stupid and  silly characters and their acts, please keep on watching our short comedy video at