Battho Manchhe 243 – Nepali Comedy Video

tv Nepali brings short comedy video, Battho Manchhe – 243, to create  laughter to the spectators through funny story and amusing performance of the characters: HHarendra Khatri and Matrika Poudel,  on Harendra Khatri’s direction.

Harendra, a normal human being is presented with a desire to have a motorcycle as other people have. So he summons the God there on the earth. Accordingly, the God appears there asking him his wish. He asks the God to bless him with a motorcycle so that he also could travel here and there keeping a beautiful lady at the back seat of that motorcycle, but the God refuses to bless him with the motorcycle since the God Himself also doesn’t have a motorcycle so, He wanders here and there without a motorcycle. Again Harendra asks a beautiful lady with the God, but the God again refuses it because he himself is in need of a beautiful girl. If possible, the God asks Harendra to supply Him the beautiful girl instead. Such funny conversation between the God and ordinary human being makes the video comic.

Hence, we present more such stupid and  silly characters and their acts, please keep on watching our short comedy video at