Student Episode 48 – Nepali TV Serial

Gynandra Koirala’s direction, Krishna Anmol’s story, Jayanarayan Timsina’s production and tv Nepali‘s presentation, a Nepali TV Serial Student–  episode 48 depicts the confusing state of a pregnant, but helpless woman,  who conflicts within herself what to do and what not to.

The same miserable woman calls her father revealing her problem, despite their consent to her secret marriage to Es . Her father, in spite of his anger to her marriage to Es, asks her to tolerate in such difficult situation. He reaches there and asks the daughter to go along with him home. But, the daughter refuses to go along with his father to her parents home where she could get borderless love from her parents. Her refusal sounds reasonable because her dearest husband is on the death bed, struggling between life and death. Es, on the other hand, desperately requires “O-” blood for his revivification. However, he gets the blood from the inspector, who is going to arrest him for his crime. For detail, please watch this video.

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