Battho Manchhe 90 – Heart Touching Nepali Video

Matrika Poudel and Sisir Budhathoki starrer, Harendra Khatri directooHerendra khatririal, tv Nepali‘s production short heart touching  video, Battho Manchhe – 90 reveals the predicament of a poor and one-handless man and a foreign employed stranger.

Matrika, a rickshaw puller and Sisir as a  rickshaw rider bargain for rickshaw fare. Sisir agrees to pay only Rs. 150 as the  rickshaw fare up to his destination. Then, both parties agree to the fare.  When they have the bargain for the fare, Sisir has not care of Matrika’s physical condition, but on the way, he sees that he is a one-hand rickshaw puller. However, he pulls rickshaw up and down a level road without nagging and expressing his difficulty. He further expresses his enjoyment that he receives from his job despite its difficult job. As he sees his children’s smiley faces, he forgets all his whole day’s hardship, difficulties, pain and suffering. From his influencive speech, Sisir changes his idea to go to foreign country to flow his fertile sweat and blood there, rather he determines to stay here in his own country.

My thanks to all the crew member of this video, and mostly my thanks to Matrika Poudel and Sisir Budhathoki for their heart touching performance.

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