No Tension 54 – Nepali Comedy Video

Gyanendra Koirala directorial No Tension -54, starred by Shyam Giri and Neha Chaudhary, produced by tv Nepali, has tried to present a short comedy video , based on the story of a husband and  wife.

We people are different from rest of the other ceature available in the world due to our own peculiarities. We have feeling, emotion, attachment and love to one another. We desire to live in the society, and can’t be isolated from it. Similarly, Shyam remembers his olden days when he and Neha were in love with one another. Sometimes after they got married, they lived happily for a few days. But now, they quarrel with one another. Neighbours gather at their house to see their fight. In this way, they perform their love to the society.

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