Battho Manchhe 235 – Nepali comedy Video

Directed by Harendra Khatri, Produced by tv Nepali , starred by Matrika Poudel and Ishwor Dulal, a short comedy video, Battho Manchhe-235, amuses the spectators through the funny characters’ deeds.

Ishwor, a disappointed person wanders along the river’s bank, weeping very bitterly and comes to sit on the sandy bank. His cry mixed with sorrow summons the God from heaven. The God asks him the reason for his cry. He replies that his precious and the dearest mobile has been fallen unknowingly  in the bathroom and asks the God to bless  him with his mobile . The God also blesses him with his mobile and asks either the mobile on the God’s hand is his or not. He replies that his mobile is made up of plastic not of gold, which is rightly on the God’s palm. It infuriates the god, who slaps and asks him to clean and use the mobile since it is overlapped with stool from toilet.

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