Battho Manchhe 233 – Nepali Comedy Video

Directed by Harendra Khatri, Produced by tv Nepali, starred by Matrika Poudel, Ishwor Dulal and Harendra Khatri, a short comedy videoBattho Manchhe-233  entertains the spectators through the funny characters’ deeds.

Harendra and Matrika are presented with their silly conversation. For Matrika, a doctor makes a patient unconscious only because the doctor scares that the patient may learn the trick of operating the patient. Similarly, Matrika suggests Harendra for checking his sugar level. Accordingly, Harendra goes to hospital to check up his sugar level carrying a half full  bottle filled with his urine. On his way, Ishwor meets him and snatches the urine bottle because of his extreme thirst, and drinks it supposing it as water. At last he comes to know that he drank not water, but Harendra’s sweet in taste urine.

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