Battho Manchhe 232 – Nepali Comedy Video

Directed by Harendra Khatri, Produced by tv Nepali, starred by Matrika Poudel, Ishwor Dulal and Harendra Khatri, a short comedy video, Battho Manchhe-232 amuses the spectators through the funny characters’ deeds.

Harendra keeps on watching at a distance place. Ishwor sees him there and asks him what he is watching, since Ishwor sees nothing there at all. He gestures Ishwor not to disturb him. So, Ishwor moves away from there to his destination. Rightly, Matrika also sees him there watching something. He also asks what Harendra is watching. Again, Harendra gestures Matrika not to disturb him. Matrika also moves away to his destination. But, at their surprise, Ishwor and Matrika meet Harandra at the same place after a long time as they return, completing their work. So, both of them asks him what he is watching there since they see nothing at that place. In rage, he replies that he has been watching for a long time to see something there, but till now he has seen nothing, then how could they see something within a blink of time.

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