No tension 55 – Nepali Comedy Video

Gyanendra Koirala directorial No Tension  -55, starred by Shyam Giri and Neha Chaudhari, produced by tv Nepali has tried to present a short comedy video on a drunkard boyfriend and an innocent girlfriend.

Shyam Giri drinks alcohol to collect courage  to express his feeling about his girlfriend in front of her. The girlfriend finds it a problematic situation if her father sees her drunkard boyfriend there in her house. So, she chases him from there. He seems to be unconscious due to extreme consumption of alcohol, and sleeps in the ground somewhere out. In the morning, his girlfriend comes to meet him there where he spent the night, and reveals the fact of that night that he tried to keep a physical relationship with a buffalo supposing it as his girlfriend-Neha. Hence the husband of the buffalo butted him very bitterly and chased him away from there to that ground where he spent his whole night in that blood freezing cold night.

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