Battho Manchhe 224 – Nepali Comedy Video

Directed by Harendra Khatri, Produced by tv Nepali, starred by Matrika Poudel, Saji Rai and Ishwor Dulal, a short comedy video, Battho Manchhe-224 tries to create laughter through the short funny story of a student, a teacher and a guardian.

Ishwor, a stupid and dunce student irritates a teacher named Saji. His concentration is not at his study rather towards his teacher’s robust and attractive body. He goes to tuition class not to study, but to see his teacher’s body. Being fed up with the student, she gives him to learn the text as his homework. The student also moves home after the class gets over. At home, he meets his father, who asks him a few numerical questions. The son gives two right answers, but the last answer he gives coining with playing cards, for which he is the master rather than for his study.

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