Student Episode 47 – Nepali TV Serial

Gynandra Koirala’s direction, Krishna Anmol’s story, Jayanarayan Timsina’s production and tv Nepali‘s presentation, a Nepali TV Serial Student–  episode 47 depicts the confusing state of a pregnant, but helpless woman.

Character Sabina, the wife of a serial killer Es is in dilemma. She is indecisive what step to be taken in the days to come, when she comes to know that her husband has killed two innocent girls: Arohi and Jasmin. The police, on the other hand, are desperately seeking the criminal to arrest. It is sure that Es can’t escape from the clutch of the law. If so he will be imprisoned throughout his life in the jail. Sabina, on the top of that, is a woman who is going to give birth to Es and her child. No where she gets place to retreat her sorrow and agony. Hence, the story revolves around the pathetic and miserable woman.

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