Battho Manchhe 229 – Nepali Comedy Video

Directed by Harendra Khatri, Produced by tv Nepali, starred by Harendra Khatri and Ishwor Dulal, a short comedy video, Battho Manchhe– 229, explores the funny story about a father and a son.

Father, Harendra expects his son’s success and promises to give to him Rs.5000 despite his low income if he passes the S.L.C because his son always remains failure in the exam. The son, on the other hand, goes to see the SLC result taking a challenge to take Rs. 5000 from his father after delivering the good news of his success. As the son arrives stating to deliver a good news to him,  without hearing what good news is, his happiness becomes bordeless. Surprisingly, the good news is his failure, which means his father should not give him the promised amount for his success. Hence, his father’s money remains safe.

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