Battho Manchhe 225 – Nepali Comedy Video

Matrika Poudel and Rihina  starrer, Harendra Khatri directorial, tv Nepali‘s production short comedy video, Battho Manchhe– 225 portrays the story of a man with an extramarital relationship, and the difficulties he undergoes through to manage both the wife and the girlfriend.

Matrika, a father of a newly born child and a husband of an attractive wife is in an extramarital affair with a neighbourhood girl, who is seen waiting for him at the beginning of the movie. She shows her anger to him for his late arrival to meet her there and asks the reasons for it. His slow motion answer helps to add the charm in the story arising the sensual desire to the spectators but jealousy to his girlfriend. He concludes that his late arrival is resulted from the job of putting on the shorts to the newly born child.

So, such funny, but tickling and funny story with an unexpected twist of it makes us laugh. For such short comedy video, please keep on watching us at