Battho Manchhe 226 – Nepali Comedy Video

Harendra Khatri and Manisha Mishra  starrer, Harendra Khatri  directorial, tv Nepali‘s production short comedy video, Battho Manchhe– 226 depicts the story of a doctor’s hatred to his own job and a young mother’s desperation to treat her daughter.

Manisha, being sullen calls the doctor- Harendra in the midnight complaining that her daughter swallowed a razor blade but stuck in her throat. The doctor, on the other hand cursed his profession for not getting personal and private time. At any time he has to move from his house to treat the patient. For him, a cycle mechanic life is better than his life. He even confesses that he forgot the scissors in the stomach after the operation of a pregnant woman. At the mean time, he gets the phone call from Manisha with the information that her husband got another razor blade and he is not needed there now.

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