Battho Manchhe 228 – Nepali Comedy Video

Harendra Khatri , Ishwor Dulal, Matrika Poudel and Rihina  starrer, Harendra Khatri  directorial , tv Nepali‘s production short comedy video, Battho Manchhe– 228, portrays the story of kidnappers in a funny way.

Harendra and Ishwor are presented as the kidnappers and Rihana as a kidnapped woman. The kidnappers demand Rs. 10 million as ransos money with her husband if he wants his wife back otherwise they threaten to kill her. But husband, in return, being fed up with the wife refuses to get his wife back paying large sums of money. Hence, one of the kidnappers leaves the lady and goes home, but another tries to persuade her to be his bride. But the lady’s bitter slap to the kidnapper,  who woos her, proves her  love to her husband dearly.

Thus unexpected twist the story add additional charm in it and  such twist itself makes us laugh. For such short comedy video, please keep on watching us at