Teriya Magar – Nepalese pride

Nepalese people have done many more outstanding and remarkable job, and have been contributing a lot to the world. We can’t ignore the fact of our ancestor- Aranilo’s contribution in art and architecture to the world, and his deeds still are praiseworthy and influential. Similarly, warriors’ either of  Victory Cross winners or others contribution during world war phases is fresh in the people’s head and printed in the history books of the world. They are to be memorized by the world’s children who are tomorrows’ pillars of any nation. We feel proud of them. Today, we can be proud of Teriya Magar,  inhabitant of Rupandhei district, since she is going to make our head up through her Peacock dance on Colors TV show. Once, she remained the winner competing with 40,000 competitors on “Dance India Dance” presented on Zee TV in 2014, and today she is in the final round competing with others in “Jhalak Dikhlaja” presented on Colors T.V. So, its our responsibility to support her casting our invaluable vote to make ourselves as the winner through her. To vote her, please follow the steps as shown in this video presented by tv Nepali.

For such information, please keep on watching us at tvnepali.net


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ट्राफिक प्रहरीको सक्रियतामा बसपार्क सरसफाई कार्यक्रम

मृत अवस्थामा मोरङको पथरीशनिश्चरेको जंगलमा भेटिएको शव काठमान्डौकी सावित्रा खतिवडाको भएको पुस्टि