Battho Manchhe- Nepali Heart Touching Video

tv Nepali presents Battho Manchhe  with this heart touching video via the characters: Sisir Budhathoki, Puja Bhandari and Saru Budhathoki on Harendra Khatri’s direction.

The video presents two love stories. Saru and Sisir are in a love affair in the first segment of the video and Puja and Sisir in the second segment of the video. In the first, Sisir explains why he loves her more than his own self, but why not more than his family in a very logical way. After hearing his love towards his family, Saru’s heart melts and submits herself on Sisir warm embrace with more love to him.

In the second segment, Puja and Sisir’s infatuation ends, but a true love affair roots with their quarrel. After the quarrel, they remain separate from one another for many more days. However, after a few days, they miss one another and tries to contact through their mobile phone, but because of network problem, they can’t contact each other and express their true love that has been nurtured within them. As Sisir receives the message from Puja, it becomes too late since Puja has already left Nepal for the USA. In this way, the phone’s network problem makes them separate.

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