Battho Manchhe 227 – Nepali Comedy Video

Harendra Khatri and Manisha Misra starrer, Harendra Khatri  directorial, tv Nepali‘s production short comedy videoBattho Manchhe– 227 portrays the ill-tempered husband and wife relationship in a funny way.

Manisha Misra and Harendra Khatri are wife and husband respectively. In the night, both of them remain busy hitting one another with the most humiliating words so that one can make another down and angry. Their conversation stops for the night after the quarrel and sleep separately. However, wife is there for Harendra as an alarm clock to make him wake early in the morning. Despite their quarrel, he writes a note for the wife stating to make him wake at 5 am in the morning to complete his urgent work, and keeps it near to her. As his habit, in the morning he gets up only at 8 am, and asks his wife why she didn’t make him awake at 5 after reading his note. In a very humorous way, the wife responds that she read the note, and in return, she also wrote the similar note asking her husband to wake up at 5 am and kept it near his note so that he would read the note at wake up.

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