Battho Manchhe 57 – Nepali Comedy Video

Harendra Khatri, Devraj Khatiwada and Saru sangraula starrer, Harendra Khatri’s directorial, tv Nepali‘s production short comedy video, Battho Manchhe– 57 reveals the predicament about the crew member of a film, most specifically about a director and a heroin.

Harendra Khatri is presented here in his real profession as a director, Devraj as a camera man and Saru as a model. They are on a shoot of a motorcycle advertisement. Harendra asks Saru to expose her bodily part to bring glamour on the advertisement, but she refuses as the director says, and agrees to expose only to the limit that the society can digest. In one scene, the cameraman escapes from there because of the director’s glamorous direction. The shoot remains incomplete when director also leaves the shooting sport, whereas Saru remains all alone weeping for her wages.

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