Alchhe Buddho – Short Nepali Comedy Video

Ekraj Karki and Ganesh Karki’s production, Sisir Budhathoki’s direction short comedy video, Alchhe Buddho, presented by tv Nepali, creates laughter through funny story and amusing characters: Gynandra Koirala and samikshya K.C.

Stupid husband Gynendra Koirala, stupid husband of Samikshya protects his wife’s sari from the rain using umbrella instead of carrying it inside the house. For a trivial matter husband and wife quarrel with one another. Almost all the time the husband asks his wife to do the work, but the wife disobeys him. It is a very funny part to see that husband manages a stick to close the door, and even changes the bed to remain close by the door to close it if it opens next time. For more, please watch this movie.

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