Time Pass 7 – A Heart Touching Nepali Video

Heart Touching Nepali Video – Time Pass 7, produced by Ekraj Karki and Ganesh Karki, presented at tv Nepali on YouTube channel, directed and starred by Matrika Poudel and Sisir Budathoki, tries to cover the sorrow of poverty stricken people.

Matrika, a helpless and miserable person, is the brother of Sisir. Sisir asks his brother to buy a motorbike for his personal use, specifically to show his friends, who have their personal motorbikes. But a low paid jobholder can’t afford for his motorbike and tries to persuade his brother showing every problem. Sisir seems to be irresponsible towards his house problem. His egotistical nature pushes him outside of the house and repels away from the brother’s relation. He believes himself lucky to take his brother’s shoes and purse along with him when he comes out of the house. But, the same torn out shoes and penniless purse filled only with the lists of loan to pay for, makes him understand his brother. Really, this is heart touching video and touches the heart of the people.

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