Battho Manchhe 70 – Nepali Comedy Video

tv Nepal presents short comedy video, Battho Manchhe – 70, to create mirth through funny story and amusing characters: Sisir Budhathoki and Prajita Dangal on Harendra Khatri’s direction.

Sisir buys a second-hand scooter to entice his girlfriend, but girlfriend hates his scooter and refuses to go to watch recently released movie with him on the scooter. However, she invites him to come in the night to meet her at her house. Accordingly, he goes to his girlfriend’s house in the night to meet her and finds a door open in the house to enter there without notifying any members of the house about his arrival. As he enters into a room, he finds himself lucky to see a female sleeping there on the bed. He supposes the female is his girlfriend and hence and hence kisses her without giving any notice to her. To a surprise, the female turns to be his girlfriend’s mother, who threatens and makes him come there every night to kiss him as he kisses her now.

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