Battho Manchhe 211 – Nepali Comedy Video

tv Nepali presents short comedy video, Battho Manchhe – 211, to create laughter through funny story and amusing characters: Harendra Khatri and Manisha Mishra on Harendra Khatri’s direction.

Harendrea, husband of Manisha scolds his servant for sharing tea with dog’s partaken milk. Manisha, on the other hand, is on the bed pretending that she suffers from severe headache. She doesn’t have any affection towards her husband. When the husband complains about the servant, she often advocates in favor of the servant. Hence, he asks the real relationship between her and the servant.

When he asks her to prepare food for him, since he is getting late for the office, she gives  an irresponsible answer. In short, her character seems a bit out of the right track, because the fact can be sensed through her mobile conversation with her boyfriend, in spite of the husband’s presence at home. However, when the husband describes the food he is going to have at a “Thakali Hotel”, she totally gets recovered from her illness, and as he asks her to cook food for him if she got better, she shows her same headache problem.

Hence, we present more such cheat and  silly characters with their funny acts, please keep on watching our short comedy video at