Battho Manchhe 52 – Nepali comedy Video

Sisir Budhathoki, Devraj Khatiwada and Simran starrer, Harendra Khatri directorial, tvnepali’s production short comedy video, Battho Manchhe– 52 reveals the triangle but funny love story about Sisir Budhathoki, Devraj Khatiwada and Simran.

Sisir and Simran are on a date, swinging on a swing in the park. Simran expresses her today’s mood that she wants use only her hands only rather than her mouth. But Sisir wants some sweet gossip between them on that dating. But Simran can’t tolerate and leaves Sisir there. On her way, she encounters with Devraj, who inwardly likes her. Hence, he gets right time to persuade her and takes her to restaurant, where they drink wine. Deveraj proposes her that he loves her, but gets a slap from her instead. After sometimes Sisir comes there and proposes her that he loves her, he also gets slapped. Finally, she reveals the reason for slapping them is her mood to use her hand.

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