Battho Manchhe 213 – Nepali Comedy Video

Mixed with new flavor, Ishwor Dulal and Rihana starrer, a short comedy video, Battho Manchhe – 213, produced by tnnepali, directed by Harendra Khatri, projects the childish nature of the two lovers in a funny way through.

Ishwor and Rihana have lost their way home when they pretend to copy the scene of a hindi movie called “Kaho Na Pyar He”. As in the movie, both of the characters run along the shore of the river, and forget the way home. The girl shows her desire to go home and starts weeping. As the boy sees the girl weeping, he also starts weeping. Then, he asks the girl to put off her outer cloth to solve the problem. As the girl gives her outer to the boy, he ties it on the slender branch of a tree and starts waving it in the air in order to show the cloth to her villain father so that he will come running to rescue his daughter as in the movie. But, unluckily, her father has left the country to Quarter for employment. Then, they remain helpless there, and waits for the dawn of the day. In the night, the girl expects her boyfriend to behave like a villain with her. However, the boy foolishly refuses to act like an antagonist with the lonely but beautiful girl.

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