Battho Manchhe 44 – Nepali Comedy Video

Produced by tvnepali, directed by Harendra Khatri, starred by Devraj Khatiwada , Saru Budhathoki and Matrika Poudel a short comic drama – Battho Manchhe-45 tries to create laughter in the viewers through short comedy video about a couple’s funny tale and doctor’s sarcastic prescriptions.

Matrik, husband of Saru, is on the bed due to disease. Saru calls a doctor for the treatment of her husband and diagnose the patient without using any instruments. His way of diagnosing the patient itself is funny, and the way he comments the patient and prescribes the thing the wife has to be aware if she wants to see her husband better really creates laughter to the audience. She misleads her husband by diverting the doctor’s suggestion and says that his life is only about a month, and after that he is going to die. Finally, for the answer to her husband’s question regarding the number of her boyfriends she had before their marriage, she sowed numerous number that she had before marriage. Then the boy goes faint.

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