Battho Manchhe 39 – Nepali Comedy Video

Saru Budhathoki, Saru Sangroula, Samir Poudel, Parmila Thapa and Devraj Khatiwada starrer Battho Manchhe – 39 directed by Harendra Khatri, produced by tvNepali, attempts to present a funny video of foolish characters.

The story begins with a group of glamorous girls killing time by discussing about different funny matters as old man’s marriage, children’s love affair and the like. A young boy, who is passing the way to his destination listening to the music through his own earphone, sees these beautiful girls and wishes to pass his time listening to the loud music being together with them. His stupidity to believe that the music is being played in the building where the girls are killing their time, but not in his earphone, and to fart in front of the girls supposing that his farting sound will be subdued by the loud music played in the building, really tickle the spectators till the tears roll down through their eyes by laughing.

Even, Devraj Khatiwada’s weeping for lending his money to a stranger for plastic surgery without recognizing him, compels the audience to laugh.

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