Battho Manchee 38 – Nepali Comedy Video

Kamal Dahal and Saru Sangroula starrer Battho Manche – 38 directed by Harendra Khatri, produced by tvnepali , brings out a mysterious but funny story about a driver- Kamal Dahal and a spirit- Saru Sangroula.

Saru, soul of a recently dead female, asks a lift with a driver up to her home. The driver also agrees her proposal because the girl is attractive. But, when she asks the driver to stop the car in the mid of the jungle at the graveyard, he remains dumb founded. Still, he couldn’t believe his eyes and asks the girl to frighten him to prove if she really is a spirit. She attempts to frighten him, but by tickling him since she is a recently dead soul and is practicing to frighten people.

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