Battho Manchhe 45 – Nepali Comedy Video

Produced by tv nepali, directed by Harendra Khatri, starred by Devraj Khatiwada, Sisir Budhathoki and Saru Sangraula, a short funny videoBattho Manchhe-46 tries to create laughter in the spectators through comical and hilarious story about a young girl and boys.

Two young boys, Sisir and Matrika are discussing on irreasonable matters, but in a humorous way, that helps to entertain the audience. They see a young girl, whom Matrika blames as a foolish one, walking on her way to her destination. Then Matrka summons her to prove her stupidity in front of Sisir, and accordingly she appears there and selects Rs 10 instead of Rs 50, which has been given by Matrika for the selection. Sisir gets confused and asks the girl for her stupid selection. Then, she in return makes Matrika stupid because if she selects Rs 50 instead of selecting Rs. 10, her source of income will be ended because on the ground of her stupidity, she gets Rs. 10 as her income the moment she meets him.

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