Battho Manchhe 74 – Nepal Comedy Video

Produced by tvnepali, directed by Harendra Khatri, starred by Matrika Poudel, Harendra Khatri and Saru Sangraula, a short comedy videoBattho Manchhe-74 tries to create laughter in the viewers through comical and hilarious story about a couple and a neighbor.

Saru comes out of the bathroom to attain the doorbell of her house. Before she opens the door, a neighbor ,named Harendra gets inside the house and appreciates Saru’s dress up. Saru, in haste to attain the doorbell, has wrapped her wet body with a towel. The neighbor seems impatient to see her body and asks Saru to uncover her body if she wants Rs. 100,000 ($ 1000) to earn by showing her body in front of him. And accordingly, she becomes ready and exposes her body to him and receives Rs. 100,000 ($ 1000). After the arrival of her husband, she comes to know that the money was only to pay the loan lent by her husband.

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