Battho Manchhe 46 – Nepali Comedy Video

Sisir Budhathoki , Devraj Khatiwada, Harendra Khatri and saru Budhathoki starrer- Battho Manche – 46 directed by Harendra Khatri, produced by tvnepali, tries to to present a funny story between a teacher and stupid students.

Sisir Budhathoki and Devraj Khatiwada arrives at a teacher’s house. They are astonished to see Saru’s i.e teacher’s glamorous get up and appearance. When the teacher starts asking question relating to their study, both the students start giving very stupid answers. The answers for the man made construction where man himself can’t go, two subtracted with two etc amuses the audience. Finally, the father arrives searching his sons for their late stay there at the tuition center. They give reasons for being late there. So,Devraj demands motorbike for their convenience for the tuition, and as the conversation goes between them regarding motorbike, indeed, pleases the audience.

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