Battho Manchhe 50 – Nepali Comedy Video

Saru Sangraula, Matrika Poudel, Harendra Khatri and more  starrer- Battho Manche – 50 directed by Harendra Khatri, produced by tvnepali, presents the story of a foreign employee, husband and a housewife and her relationship in the absence of her husband.

Saru farewells her husband with her tearful eyes while her husband, Matrika goes to foreign land to earn for the living of his family. He is unaware about his wife relationship with other even after his arrival home after five years. He seems jubilant as he comes home and expects that his wife and children give him a warm welcome, and enters his house only to find his wife weeping on the bed. The reason she gives for  weeping is her sickness. Being impatient, the husband tries to call a doctor, but comes to know from his son that someone is putting on clothes in another room. Then, the husband finds the man  and scolds for being clotheless instead of caring his wife, who is rightly weeping from pain.

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