Battho Manchhe 14 – Nepali Comedy

Asish Oli, Priyanka Dangi and Devraj Khatiwada starrer short comic serial No Tension -14, directed by Gyanendra Koirala, produced by tvNepali depicts very illogical and funny conversation of an employer and an employee. The employee presents a half completed work to the employer, who expresses his rage to the employee comparing her half completed work as her half body-wrapping clothes. Reason for half wearing clothes and half completed work, the employee gives is that the salary is not enough for both. With that insufficient salary only she can buy only such short clothes to cover her privacy or otherwise salary should be increased. Finally, angry employer declares not to give her the salary. Hence, glowing part of the conversation is that when audiences imagine if the employer stops giving her the salary, she will be cloth less. We present more, please keep on watching us on YouTube channel at