Battho Manchhe 43 – Nepali Comedy

Harendra Khatri, Saru Sangroula and Matrika Poudel, starrer Battho Manchhe – 43 directed by Harendra Khatri, produced by tvNepali, tries to to present a funny tale of a couple and a stranger. Matrika and Saru, as husband and wife are arguing while moving on the way their home. Husband blames his wife for her very short clothes, as a result her appealing body becomes visible. The wife blames her husband for restricting her now after their marriage and not letting her free as he promised before marriage. Then, a cyclist hits the husband and injures him. The cyclist blames the appealing body of lady for the accident because her body mesmerizes his eyes prevented him to see the road. To watch more such whimsical short drama, please watch us at