Battho Manchhe 41 – Nepali Comedy

Produced by tv Nepali, directed by Harendra Khatri, starred by Devraj Khatiwada, Saru Sangroula, Matrika Poudel and more a short comic drama – Battho Manchhe -41 tries to create laughter in the viewers through comical and hilarious story about a couple’s conflict and their trick to chase a newly arrived guest, enchant the audience. Saru and Matrika are husband and wife. The wife scolds her husband because she knew the husband drank a bottle alcohol a day before and fell into the drain. She claims his act of drinking alcohol makes her prestige down. By then, a guest arrives at their house, presumably to stay there for some days, and they continue fighting and hitting one another with a target to hit the guest and chase him from there. That causes the guest to flee from there. Finally, they stop hitting each other as the guest moves away from there. They reveal the fact that they hit one another only to chase the guest, and hence its only the pretension. Hearing this, the guest also appears there and says his escape from there is also only a pretension. To watch more such tricky subject matter through short , please watch us at