Battho Manchhe 40 – Nepali Comdey Video

Produced by tv Nepali, directed by Harendra Khatri, starred by Sisir Budhathoki and Parmila Thapa , a short comic drama – Battho Manchhe – 40 tries to create laughter in the spectators through humorous, outrageous story about two lovers. Parmila elopes with Sisir to set up their life journey together. They come to a hotel where all the rooms are being occupied, but only a room with a bed in it is vacant, and they stay there sharing the same bed, keeping a pillow as a borderline in between them. It is because, the girl shows reluctance to keep relationships with him before their marriage. Early in the morning they get up, and the boy woos the girl promising a rose flower to gift her bringing it from over the distant hill. The girl doesn’t believe him that he will gift her a rose, bringing it from the distant hill because an importance one who can’t cross a single pillow in between them, how he can reach the distant hill. So, to watch such alluring story presented in a farcical way, please watch battho manchhe at

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