Battho Manchhe 34 – Nepali Comedy Clips

Harendra Khatri and Saru Sangroula starrer Battho Manchhe, 34 directed by Harendra Khatri, produced by tvNepal brings out in a farcical way how crook-headed males regards and evaluates females. A neighbor boy, Harendra Khatri visits another neighbor’s wife, Saru Sangroula, who is more attractive than her husband, only to satisfy his eyes looking at her. He starts comparing females with different sport balls on the basis of their age. Harendra’s shrinking style and peculiar way of talking really fascinates the audiences. He compares the girls between the age of 16 to 25 with football because more players run behind the ball as more males run behind the girls of that age. Similarly, the girls between the age of 26 to 36 are like a cricket ball since one throws and another catches it and vice-versa. Females between the age of 36 to 46 are compared with tennis ball because each player throws to opposite side only because they don’t like keep the ball on their side. Finally, he tells a very heart-touching matter, but in a humorous way that females above 46 years of age are like a golf ball because the farther a golf player throws the ball; the more beneficial it will be for the player.