No Tension 22 – Nepali Comedy Video

Short comic drama No Tension-22, directed by Gyanendra Koirala, produced by tvNepali, the roles performed by Samir Subedi as a boy friend and Semika Limbu as a girlfriend, displays a dating of two love birds.

A young boy is seen in a chat with a young girl, who invites him on a date but with a motor-cycle. Unfortunately the boy doesn’t ha a bike, but manage it borrowing from his friend. He meets his recently made girlfriend and takes her to an expensive restaurant for snacks. There, he makes her  tell him that she loves him only in the cost of paying the restaurant bill. This very trifle subject matter has been decorated with humorous ornaments so that the spectators laugh.In fact, neither the boy nor the girl knows the kernel of love here, but either of the characters seems mocking at young generations’ love affair.

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