No tension 21 – Nepali Comedy Video

Samikshya K.C, Devraj Khatiwada, Gyanendra Koirala starrer short humorous drama- NoTension -21, directed by Gyanendra Koirala, produced by tvNepali, presents foolish acts mostly of Devraj Khatiwada in an interesting way.

The beginning conversation between Devraj Khatiwada and Samikshya K.C sounds very funny. Devraj Khatiwada states to his wife that he isn’t a foolish to exchange his wife with a motorcycle as one of his neighbors does but will exchange with a car. Similarly, while chasing a thief, who entered into his house, he supposes that the thief and he are on the race, and keeping the thief back he runs ahead to win the race.

Hence, such silly and stupid acts of the characters keep the spectators laughing. We present more; please keep on watching us on YouTube channel at