Battho Manchhe 35 – Nepali Comedy Video

Produced by tvNepali, directed by Harendra Khatri, starred by Saru Sangroula and Matrika Poudel, a short comic clip- Battho Manchhe

Wife, Saru Sangroula supposes her husband, Matrika Poudel as an ATM machine from where money can be withdrawn at any time. Hence, she demands Rs. 10,000 for shopping. The same issue guides towards the silly but comical conversation and action and finally a quarrel between them. When wife slaps her husband, spectators are compelled to laugh.

Thus, how a boy treats a girl before their marriage, mostly during their affair period, and what changes can be seen after their marriage, can be viewed in this short uproarious clip.For more funny videos, please keep on watching us at