No Tension 20 – Nepali Comedy Video

Gyanendra Koirala directorial “No Tension“-20, starred by Devraj Khatiwada and Esma Poudel, produced by tvNepali has tried to depict a humorous and funny story of how greed sees love.

A lover waiting his beloved’s arrival mistakenly dials a number that belongs to somebody else and proposes that he loves her. She without missing a chance asks him to recharge her mobile phone.

By the mean time his beloved arrives there and silly conversation takes place. He asks his beloved either she is ready to marry with him or not. In return, she shows her reluctance to marry with him. Then, he warns not to paint her hand with red colour because police may arrest her in “Range Haat” i.e red hands.

Hence, such silly conversation is the main strength of this short episode to create humour to the audience. We present more; please keep on watching us on YouTube channel at